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How do you make the signals?

We have our Custom Expert Advisors based on Artificial intelligence which combine 3 common Indicators, Price Action and Elliot wave Theory. Of course we select the assets for the daily signals after extensive asset screenings.

Why should I trust

You should not trust us you should try our free trial with the directions we GIVE YOU and no further explanations will be needed

Who are you ?

We are 3 Traders including one Master Trading Teacher that have been trading and working in brokers since 2008.

Where are you Located?

We are located in Israel, very close to Tel Aviv. We have worked in the trading room of many trusted Regulated Brokers that have offices here.

What is our purpose further from making money?

In 2009 we had a client on a forex company that consistently made money during a 1.5 year period winning 86% of the trades making a huge amount of money and making the broker close ( because he got actually paid)

As you can all read in the footer of broker pages and risk disclaimer that of course depending on the broker between 68% to 85% of the traders lose their money, it is exactly here where we intervene. We want to change that number the other way around at least.


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